flashq q20 reviews


FlashQ Q20 is perfect for street photography. Unboxing and demo on EduardoPavezGoye youtube

By EduardoPavezGoye - JUL 26, 2017


Lee Zavitz showed how easy to use FlashQ Trigger and Q20

By Lee Zavitz (Zed ProMedia) - JUL 17, 2017


WOW: Pocketable RADIO Tiny-Speedlight Perfection! FlashQ Q20 FLASH

By Theoria Apophasis - MAY 10, 2017


Video Review and Demo of FlashQ Q20 by MWESTPhotograph

JUL 1, 2017




FlashQ Q20 Recommended in GH5 Accessories Live

Facebook live on Panasonic GH5 page

By Jordan Bunch - Wedding Film Academy - JUN 6, 2017


FlashQ Q20 - The Perfect Compact Flash for Use with mFT Cameras

In-depth Review by David Yong (www.furnfeather.ca) - JUN 10, 2017   READ MORE...


Flash e trigger radio: FlashQ Q20 (In ITALIAN)

By Playerdue Lighting - MAY 27, 2017


flashq trigger reviews


OMG YES!!! Review: FlashQ Micro Flash Triggers. Awesome, Inexpensive, Precision Made!!

By Theoria Apophasis - APR 21, 2016


Tiny wireless flash triggers for Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, etc. - LightPix Labs FlashQ review

By Nitsan Simantov - MAR 6, 2016


Three Video Reviews of FlashQ Trigger by MWESTPhotography

MAY, 2015


World's Smallest Wireless Flash Trigger

By Adam Lerner - JUL 7, 2015


A series of FlashQ Trigger Reviews by Ted Vieira

MAY, 2015


FlashQ World's smallest flash triggers! Review

By Pete Leong - APR 23, 2015